My friend, Kris, celebrated her 18th last December 6

(her birthday is actually is on December 18)



We Have Big Hearts

my High school tropa OHA

Kristina Belen

The beautiful debutante, Kristina Avenido Belen.


Kami lang ni Pia yung ready HAHAHA

formal shot

Formal shot

Kris x Sam

The surprise guest, and her childhood crush, Sam Concepcion


Friends ❤

aaand instax pictures

aaand instax pictures WHBH

then there’s the after- after party at star bucks

starbucks 10696341_898171013529399_4403275884466702003_n


late nights x pedestrian lanes


the view from our hotel room

hotelviewand we slept over yay we slept at like 4 and woke up at 10 to eat breakfast and

Good morning, Makati

Good morning, Makati!

10846469_898625233483977_798735282824460218_n foodah

bfast buffet

and going back to the room


Kris, I, Pia, and Coleen

10428472_898625503483950_2424448930941502835_n 10849929_898625436817290_4908287901370256942_n 10304709_898625910150576_5999040634657880064_n

wut beds are fun

10522774_898625933483907_8027490005693609683_n 10501622_898625980150569_2881252902491506333_n

masarap ba, Kris? hahaha

Really enjoyed this day because I got reunited with my highschool friends and of course,

spending a very important moment of a woman’s life is really memorable.


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