Allyza’s 17th

We celebrated Allyza’s 17th at the Mall of Asia(her birthday is actually on the 23rd of December)

(From left to right: Eunice, Ronique, Allyza, MG, & Krista)
These people are my college friends, well 4 of them cause Renzo was MIA 😦

These photos were taken inside the celebrants car (which has become our car jk )

(left to right) Allyza, Ronique, MG, Eunice, and I
even with her driver, kuya Mario lol
what to do at moa? Ice skate of course!

The birthday girl, Allyza

holding the sides cause she doesn’t know how to skate yetbut she now knows how to! hihi



lemme take a

After skating and before heading out

But I didn’t want to leave without my goncha loves

Goncha Milk Wintermelon Tea

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