Opo Lord!

Isn’t it hard sometimes hard to just obey? For example, your parents tell you to wash the dishes but you feel lazy, so you make up excuses not to do it. Or when you want to go somewhere but you’re not allowed just because. Isn’t it hard to obey? But what do we usually end up doing, just obeying, because they are our parents and they are in authority over us.

Yesterday, I went to church with my grandparents, our normal sunday routine. And the preaching was about prayer, and the last point on that prayer was request. That’s usually what we do when we pray right? request to God. But then this verse was used by ptr. Janssen:


Part of my notes on the preaching


John 15:7. This verse had such an impact on me. At that time it wasn’t that clear why, but as you can see, it was the only verse that I actually typed out fully. Then it was further explained, that God wasn’t just a wish-granting factory. Because He will not grant all requests.



 Then, while reading “Be All You Can Be by John C. Maxwell” before I went to sleep

It was actually not the first time I read this book, I started it out last January but I didn’t finish it. So I decided last night to restart on this.

I stumbled upon something familiar.           




It was the same verse!





John 15:7

If you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you.

See the condition there? If. He said that if we abide in Him and His words abide in us. because when we are in Him, we will not desire anything against what His words says. Sometimes, He doesn’t grant us what we want because maybe our hearts are not yet aligned with what is right. That’s why God aligns us first.If we could follow our parents, why not follow God as well. There might be things that have to be taken out of our lives, for us to be able to abide in Him. These might be habits, objects, or relationships that brings us away from God. The disappearance of these from our lives will help us grow closer to God.

And when we are already in Him, what we will be wanting is already coordinated with His word. and that’s where the second part of the verse comes in. We can ask for what we want and it will be done for us as long as it agrees with the word of God. But God has 3 answers to our requests; A) Yes, B) not now, or C) I have something better for you. We might not receive what we ask for right away, but God’s timing is perfect and I am assured that however way He answers me, that is the best way.

I’ve been asking God to speak more clearly to me, sabi ko “Lord please gusto ko po kayong mas marinig pa.” (Lord, I want to hear You more) And guess what, I heard Him. Loud and clear.

especially after reading the verse form the book, I was like, “Lord gets ko na po, sige po, thank You po” (Lord, I get it, okay, thank you) because really that was what I needed.

If I would be summarizing this whole thing into two words, it would be:

Just obey.

 because nothing God says will bring us to harm I am sure of that. So that’s it,

just obey, and everything else will fall into place.

creds to YouVersion for the editing



(p.s. To my parents (and grandparents) if ever you would be seeing this… Sorry for the times I disobeyed you, sorry for being stubborn at times, but I assure you that I will obey you na!! Promise talaga! hehe Love you all <3)


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