Cafe Travel

So we went to this new cafe in taft called “Cafe Travel”

and by we, I mean Ronique and Allyza 🙂

This wasn’t really one of those time where we happen to just stumble upon a wonderful place. We actually planned this around January when my friend, Allyza, saw their website and showed it me and Ronique. Right after we explored their site, we were all like:

“We are going here.”

This was the much-needed bonding time we just had to have.

(Being together in classes don’t guarantee bonding Chz lang =)) )

Entering the place, it already felt quite nice and home-y. Actually, it looked like it was taken straight out of Pinterest, or tumblr.

You’ll see a ‘Photo tree’ filled with pictures of people who already enjoyed their stay there. There is like a mini living room right there, so cute!

There are like double bunk beds, except these are mini-cabins where we stay at.

We were first seated at a top bunk sort of place, and this was the view from where we were.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of their menu but it ranged from coffees to frappes to pastries. agh YES PLS.

(oh and they had this one order/person policy)

And the munching begins

From left to right:

1. Dark Chocolate Cake

2. Oreo Cookies Cake

3. Blueberry Cheesake

I ordered the Oreo Cookies cake, Ronique got the Dark Chocolate cake, and Allyza went with the Blueberry Cheesecake. 

They all tasted AMAZING.

The Oreo cookies cake had this creamy texture with a slight tang which really complimented that sweet taste. The Dark Chocolate cake had that balance of sweetness and savor and it was just perf. And the Blueberry Cheesecake had just the right ratio of everything. These were all served with some whipped cream that was super good plus either the chocolate or caramel syrup which really complemented the dessert.

Of course we took pictures!

(From left to right) Ronique, Allyza, and I

As you may have seen, there are lots of notes posted on the walls and it is because I guess anyone is free to just stick on what they want to express. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the funny ones but there were lots!

After a few minutes, we saw an empty cabin so we decided to move and spend the rest of our afternoon there.

View from the top bunk table
View from inside the cabin

We spent most of our time just talking and chillin’.

Oh and we watched “That Thing Called Tadhana”

hugot pa more.

This film so funny (/relatable jk) as in. Even if the language was informal, we had great time watching it because it was really funny.

And not seen in the photo, but we were all squished together in front of this laptop like three peas in a pod hihihi

(we were so cute, we are cute HAHAHA)

and my friendzuuh

Personally, I couldn’t stand straight inside the cabin, even Ronique experienced that. Sadly for me and Buch(Ronique), we could not stay upright. But our friend, Allyza, was gifted to be able to stand there chz jk only Labyu Michi~

oh and Stitch!! (Ronique’s stuffed toy from Allyza)

But of course we must go back to reality and this is me saying goodbye to the place.

(or actually just showcasing the view 😉 )

oh and there’s this super cute vintage telephone by the exit.

All in all, It was a super fun day spent with my Chis (what we call each other hihi).


Keeping up with the Belens (Pt.1 – ATC)

When my mom came home from a quick vacay here, we got to spend time with a family we’ve been friends with for a long time.

(From left to right: Me, Kris, Mommy, Tita Imee)

This is me and Kris. Been friends with this girl since highschool and going strong 💗


What we did in our ‘bonding’ day was basically just go to the mall, eat, and talk.

We had dinner at T.G.I.Fridays, and I got this


After dinner, we just went around the mall while our moms talked and talked.

We just met up with them in Starbucks after.


T’was a nice bonding experience 😄

Allyza’s 17th

We celebrated Allyza’s 17th at the Mall of Asia(her birthday is actually on the 23rd of December)

(From left to right: Eunice, Ronique, Allyza, MG, & Krista)
These people are my college friends, well 4 of them cause Renzo was MIA 😦

These photos were taken inside the celebrants car (which has become our car jk )

(left to right) Allyza, Ronique, MG, Eunice, and I
even with her driver, kuya Mario lol
what to do at moa? Ice skate of course!

The birthday girl, Allyza

holding the sides cause she doesn’t know how to skate yetbut she now knows how to! hihi



lemme take a

After skating and before heading out

But I didn’t want to leave without my goncha loves

Goncha Milk Wintermelon Tea


My friend, Kris, celebrated her 18th last December 6

(her birthday is actually is on December 18)



We Have Big Hearts

my High school tropa OHA

Kristina Belen

The beautiful debutante, Kristina Avenido Belen.


Kami lang ni Pia yung ready HAHAHA

formal shot

Formal shot

Kris x Sam

The surprise guest, and her childhood crush, Sam Concepcion


Friends ❤

aaand instax pictures

aaand instax pictures WHBH

then there’s the after- after party at star bucks

starbucks 10696341_898171013529399_4403275884466702003_n


late nights x pedestrian lanes


the view from our hotel room

hotelviewand we slept over yay we slept at like 4 and woke up at 10 to eat breakfast and

Good morning, Makati

Good morning, Makati!

10846469_898625233483977_798735282824460218_n foodah

bfast buffet

and going back to the room


Kris, I, Pia, and Coleen

10428472_898625503483950_2424448930941502835_n 10849929_898625436817290_4908287901370256942_n 10304709_898625910150576_5999040634657880064_n

wut beds are fun

10522774_898625933483907_8027490005693609683_n 10501622_898625980150569_2881252902491506333_n

masarap ba, Kris? hahaha

Really enjoyed this day because I got reunited with my highschool friends and of course,

spending a very important moment of a woman’s life is really memorable.

Ignite 2013: The Fire Within

Ignite 2013 is a campus conference that happened in Cuneta Astrodome for 3 days, May 29, 20 & 31.This event has really been a life-changing experience for me.I don’t have many pictures tho but I have really lots of experiences.Let’s start with Day 1:Here’s us waiting outside for the gates to be opened.

The worship was really really awesome and blessed.

A sort of summary of the happenings on the first day.

(this is from Orange Gregorio)

And these are the Merchandise I bought!

Day 2:my ootd : Ignite 2011 shirt 😀

I keep on posting the worship time photos because the worship is really amazing.

Another ‘summary’ picture of what happened from Orange again 🙂

After the day 2, we slept over at bay garden residences near MOA 🙂

Look there’s me and my Kambal hihi :”>

She’s Christine Sy lol haha she has no blog kase so yeah

there’s a bendy lamp beside each of the bends hehe

Me with my kambal again hehe

Day 3:Campus Day/NightThis is where we show our Campus Pride!Animo Lasalle before we went to cuneta that day we ate at MOA sa savory and we took this picture.

this are official photos of so copyright to them :))

^I was awkwardly nakanganga 😦

These are my pictures na hehe

Worship still strong, even stronger on the last day.

I painted an animo star on my hand

And I am Sold and bought with a price -1 Corinthians 6:20

we got this as a souvenir, only for the ones who attended ignite.

The Every Nation Asia Campus Confernce: IGNITE 2013 is a gathering of student leaders from all over the Philippines and Asia. – See more ate:

Summer Lovin’

So I had a photoshoot with Ariana, Andrea & Andee yesterday. ((I’m only uploading my pictures tho, so if you wanna check out theirs, try checking their blog, just click on their names.))

We didn’t actually have a theme hahabut I wore a sleeveless-hanging-striped top, butterfly-print skirt and black heels.Here comes the photos.

Andee and Andrea setting up the tripod (that we didn’t actually use haha)

A sort of dramatic shot? idk.

Lol I look like a guy giving someone flowers.


our shoes

we got S-W-A-G no hatin’

Oh yeah I got my board, more about that in another post.

Who skates in heels? Me duuuh.see my superpowers too? hehe

See my skillzzz right there babyyy

that’s it. Fun day.